Status Check and Plans Moving Forward

My online presence as a freelancer and WordPress developer has been dormant over the last few years, as I moved to France. I kept up with news from the community and uploaded the occasional theme to ThemeForest, but that’s about it.

Now I’m back and working on some interesting projects. I’m also taking on new client work, so if we’ve met in the past, don’t hesitate to get in touch or subscribe to this blog.

To keep me accountable moving forward, I’ll post some of my plans here for the first time. Here’s a look at some of the things I plan to build over the course of 2015, in no particular order:

  • Home – I don’t have the easiest to remember last name, so I decided I need a domain name that’s easy to remember, yet it’s not based on a pseudonym or nickname. I was lucky to find available and this will probably become the website where I showcase my online projects and a hub for all my online activities.
  • Extract – My goal is to build not just a WordPress theme, but a WordPress ecosystem of quality themes, plugins and tutorials that will give people the know how and the tools to build WordPress websites with ease.
  • WP Tuning – I write code for WordPress themes almost every day, so many times I need a certain function or script or hook. I usually find an answer or create my code based on snippets I find online. I want to better document these tweaks for future reference and maybe write a tutorial once in a while.
  • Freelance Traveler – This should offer a look into my freelancing activities, ranging from client work, to selling products or services online, to building fun personal projects. And hopefully doing all of this while I do one of the things that makes me most happy: travel the world!
  • Design Black Book – Keeping a long list of bookmarks to all the design articles, resources and tools I discovered over the years doesn’t cut it anymore, so I’ll organize them on this website and maybe publish the occasional tutorial as well. Nothing you haven’t seen before, it’s just my take, my own lists of tools I use almost every day.
  • Baked in France – It should have been one of those fun side projects I created in 2014, but never materialized: a mini website about the different viennoiserie you can find in France. Coming to your screens in 2015!
  • You can also check back here for some quick updates on what I’ve been up to and how things are going. Expect a transparent, honest look at all of my activities. I always enjoy it when people are not afraid to share their plans, income figures, mistakes, etc.

Some of these projects I just cooked up in 2014, some I have purchased domains for years ago and are long overdue. I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions (especially in February), but I decided to publish this post, hoping it would give me the motivation to get more things done. Talk less, DO more. Build and launch. That’s the sort of mentality I want to embrace.

To help me achieve all these goals, I started 2015 by waking up at 5:30 AM. Every single… ok, it’s not been every single day. But there haven’t been many mornings when I wasn’t up and working before 6:30 and a lot of the times I was able to wake up before the alarm clock. There will probably be a post about this on Freelance Traveler.

I’m starting to get the hang of this thing called writing once again, so there will be a lot of new articles on these fronts. Join me for the ride, tell me about the challenges you’re facing as a freelancer, designer, WordPress guy or just a parent working from home. I would love to hear from you!

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